Competent: your partner for contract manufacturing

We are your reliable and experienced partner regarding the manufacturing of over-the-counter remedies as well as food supplement for pets. We are in a position to manufacture flexibly, individually and at short term for other customers, who need a producer for liquid or solid remedies for pets.  You can test us for batch sizes from a couple of hundred to some thousand units. 


We supply you from bulk to finished products, including printing of your packaging. We already are supplier for private labels in the pet industry and can give you references upon request.

Production Supra-Cell
Globules Supra-Cell

Our service for you:

Contract manufacturing: According to your recipes and guideline we fill and finish the product for you.

Private brands: From production to individually designed lines – we offer the entire process range for wholesalers.

Labels Surpa-Cell
Folding Boxesg Supra-Cell
Folding Boxes

The technical side

We continuously improve and expande our competence in regards to the manufacturing of remedies and food supplements. We have automation suitable for pharmaceuticals and modern premises in conformity with the GMP. We also put great emphasis on a thorough final check of our products by our staff.

Dosage Forms:

  • Liquid (Dilutions)
  • Globules (Sugar Granules)

Batch Sizes:

  • Liquid Products: as of 10 kg
  • Globules: as of 2 kg

Packaging Forms:

  • Labels
  • Product Information
  • Folding Box


  • Brown Glass
  • 10 – 250 ml


  • Screw Top
  • Sprayer


Did we spark your interest ? We’d more than love to give you more information and references.